Below I uploaded the wallpapers that were previously on my blog. If I have some time, I will add some new ones, too.
Links to diffrent rosolutions of wallpapers can be found under appropiate thumbnails. Feel free to comment:D

Green explosion
Green explosion in 1024×768
Green explosion in 1280×1024
Green explosion in 1600×1200

Biohazard in 1024×768
Biohazard in 1280×1024
Biohazard in 1600×1200


Rainbowed world in 1024×768
Rainbowed world in 1280×1024
Rainbowed world in 1600×1200


Variation in 1024×768
Variation in 1280×1024
Variation in 1600×1200

Comet in 1280×1024

Comet in 1024×768
Comet in 1280×1024
Comet in 1600×1200


Purple swirl in 1024×768
Purple swirl in 1280×1024
Purple swirl in 1600×1200



  1. Hi, if it is not unpolite I would ask how to build or construct pictures like yours.
    Any hints to software you used?
    You may anser in german too, its my natural language.

    Thank you,
    Greetings Richard

  2. Wonderful!
    Any one in purple?? :-))

  3. Richard,
    I used fire render in GIMP (can be found under effects->render->fire). You should also create your gradient and experiment with it.

    You’re welcome:D

    PS. I’ll make a purple one, too.

  4. Hey there, would you mind making one much like biohazard, but in red? I like the pitch black background with the centerpiece, and I’d like one to complement my other desktop 😀

    I’d preferably like it to not touch the right third of the screen, so my conky doesnt go ontop of your beautiful work 🙂

  5. I can try to do something similar,but I can’t do the same, because of the lost of the sources 3 months ago.
    I’ll have some spare time tomorrow’s(23.10) night (in CET) so I’ll upload some more wallpapers.

  6. Thanks man 🙂

  7. A fascinating display,biohazard, will be used on my desktop

  8. Green explosion is wonderful – I’m having a green phase right now. Thank you.

  9. It is excelant work especially green explosion! Great Man, keep up the good work

  10. These wallpapers are really nice !
    will you make some in 1800*1440 ?

  11. Great work.

    Just a sugestion: you should post a link to a tar-gz file containing all your wallpapers…

  12. Thanks.
    I don’t expect to make new wallpapers soon, mostly because of the time (or lack of it). But there surly be a post on kde-look if I do so.

  13. very nice… i love …. more !!!! 😉

    its a got work 😀

  14. Love the green explosion. I have it on my home computer and on my work computer with three monitors. 😉 Everyone who comes by my desk makes a comment. Looks really cool on my CHIMEI 22″ widescreen.

  15. Excellent work !!!.. 🙂

    i like them a lot..

  16. great!

    thx man!

  17. Hot stuff. Green Explosion is my iphone wallpaper.

  18. Awesome work! really like it 🙂
    ever consider making a tutorial.. to share your skill?


  19. Awesome Wallpapers! Thanks! 🙂

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